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FireGene's kits are available for the detection of proteins, cytokines, growth factors, chemokines, and SARS-CoV-2 related proteins and antibodies.

Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (ELISA) kits are complete immunoassay kits that include all reagents required to conduct the ELISA. ELISA is an assay for identifying and quantifying molecules such as proteins, antibodies, antigen, hormones, peptides. ELISA can also be used for detecting other molecules like vitamins and coenzymes. The results are quantified using antibodies linked to enzymes. There are several forms, each with its own antibody antigen interaction concept.


ELISA kits contain high affinity antibodies capable of detecting native form proteins with picogram and sub-picogram sensitivity.


To ensure specificity to the analytes of interest, our QA team test our ELISA kits against proteins from relevant superfamilies and proteins with similar immunogenicities.

Large Selections

We offer a variety of assay formats including sandwich, direct, and competitive ELISAs. Please contact us if you can't find the specific kit that meets your requirements.

Competitive Pricing

While ELISAs are known for rapid, quantitative, and sensitive analyte detection at a lower cost, FireGene is dedicated to provide academic discounts for your research and experiments.


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