Our Mission

Providing Rapid and Reliable Molecular Testing Tools, Empowering Early and Accurate Diagnosis, Contributing and Innovating for a Healthier Future.

FireGene is a division of FireGen, founded by a team of scientists with 30 + years of experience in top international pharmaceutical companies and senior operation experts in multinational pharmaceutical brands that focus upon next-generation sequencing, fourth-generation sequencing, digital PCR, and POCT technology product development platform.

Our commitment

FireGene is a leading innovator and manufacturer in molecular biology and diagnostic applications committed to provide affordable, safe, and effective diagnostic components and solutions for the betterment of the public health.

What we do

At FireGene, we develop, manufacture, and supply a wide range of products and services including nucleic acid isolation and purification kits, molecular diagnostic kits, molecular biology reagents, ELISA kits, NGS library preparation kits, etc. We are committed to supplying the best products and services with global manufacturing, development expertise, and advanced technologies to enhance the overall life quality for people everywhere.

Our facilities

Our GMP grade Molecular Biology R&D Center is equipped with a P2 laboratory, a PCR laboratory, and an advanced microfluidic laboratory. Various types of molecular biological science experiments, including virus detection experiments is performed in the R&D center. The GMP production center features a class 10,000 and a class 100,000 cleanroom workshop that meet all manufacturing and production requirements under the US FDA, the EU CE, and the China FDA's standards.

GMP Molecular Biology R&D and Production Center

The center is equipped with advance equipment for R&D and mass production of high-end diagnostic systems, nucleic acid extraction reagents and kits, and instruments. With FireGene's lyophilization technology, we developed a wide range of lyophilized PCR diagnostic reagents and the extraction-free Viral Collection and Preservation System to break through the bottleneck of traditional reagents and kits which requires cold-chain transportation and storage.


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