Microspheres Reagent Lyophilization Service

Lyophilization not only lengthens shelf life but also lessens environmental impact.

What is lyophilization?

Lyophilization in biotechnology is the process of freeze-drying, removing moisture content from a product at low temperature until it is no longer biologically or chemically active. Microbes, proteins, pharmaceuticals, plasma, and tissues are just a few examples of the many heat-sensitive things that can be preserved with the freeze-drying technique.

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Why choose or develop lyophilized molecular reagents and kits?

• Individual components of an assay or formulation can be assembled in a single tube. It reduces pipetting steps and lab consumables.
• Enables room temperature transportation and storage which means fewer energy consumption and environmental wastes.

• Extended shelf life without freezing-thawing components. Each bead representing one dose is sealed individually. Only reconstitute for what you need.

• Bead dosage consistency reduces the possibility of variance and boosts the accuracy of tests and experiments.

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FireGene's Lyophilized Reagent Instant Reconstitution

FireGene's lyophilized assay in PCR tube. Lyophilized reagent instant reconstitution demo.

Our Microspheres Reagent Lyophilization Service

With over 10 years of dedication to the lyophilization technology, we have developed cutting-edge products for IVD, RUO by combining proteins enzymes, antibodies and chemicals into stable lyophilized microspheres packaged in a wide variety of containers.

With deep understanding of domain knowledge and expertise in lyophilization, molecular biology, biochemistry, and immunology, we are able to develop optimal formulation for each application, with performance exceeding that of liquid, and providing outstanding stability at room temperature.

We provide lyophilized microspheres, with custom design for fast and efficient methods for testing.


• PCR • RT-PCR • LAMP • ELISA • Flow Cytometry Reagents • Control materials

Available Packaging Containers:

• 8-tube strip • Screw-cap tubes • Multi-well plates • Microfluidic chips • Lateral flow devices • Glass vials

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