FireGene 1st Strand cDNA Synthesis Kit (+gDNA wiper)

FireGeneSKU: FG-R00112

- Ideal for reverse transcription of few templates and low copy genes

- This cDNA synthesis kit includes oligo dT and random hexamers primers

- Synthesize cDNA at 42°C, resulting in low background and higher yields

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Product Overview

The FireGene 1st strand cDNA Synthesis Kit contains all of the reagents necessary for synthesis of full-length first-strand cDNA from total or poly A+ RNA, including both oligo(dT) and random hexamers primers. This cDNA synthesis kit also works well with other cDNA-dependent techniques, including RT-PCR, cDNA probe preparation, quantitative PCR (qPCR), and PCR based cloning. The FireGene 1st strand cDNA Synthesis Kit is ideal for reverse transcription of many different RNA templates, including GC-rich templates and RNAs with high levels of secondary structure.

This kit includes 4 x gDNA wiper Mix that can completely remove residual genomic DNA contamination and ensure more reliable subsequent quantitative results, 2 x RT Mix that contains optimized buffer system and dNTP, and the Enzyme Mix contains FireGene Reverse Transcriptase and RNasin. You may also choose Oligo (dT)23VN, Random hexamers, or gene-specific primers as reverse transcription primers based on your requirements.


  • First-strand cDNA synthesis
  • cDNA probe preparation
  • RT-PCR
  • Synthesis of cDNA libraries with a high proportion of full-length cDNAs


Component Name Amount Storage (°C)
RNase free ddH2O 1 ml x 2 -20
2 x RT Mix*1 1 ml -20
Enzyme Mix*2 200 μl -20
Oligo (dT)23VN (50 μM) 100 μl -20
Random hexamers (50 ng/μl) 100 μl -20
4 x gDNA wiper Mix 40 μl -20

*1. Each contains 1 mM dNTP

*2. Contains RNasin


For Research or Educational Use Only.

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