FireGene Agarose With TAE Powder (1%)

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Product Overview

The FireGene Agarose With TAE Powder (1%) is in the form of proportionally mixed agarose and TAE Powder in individual pouches. This product provides a convenient way to make 1% agarose gel with the need to weigh and mix individual components.


  • Routine DNA and RNA gel electrophoresis and blotting assays.


Component Name Amount Storage (°C)
Agarose With TAE Granule (1%) 100 pouches Room temp


Agarose gel preparation (e.g. horizontal electrophoresis agarose gel preparation):

  1. Add 1 pouch of powder into the cleaned conical flask and dissolve with 100 mL pure water. Seal the flask with kraft paper and heat in the microwave for the agarose to dissolve. To prevent overheating the solution, only boil the solution shortly, wear heat-resistant gloves and carefully shake the conical flask, and repeat this process several times until the agarose is completely dissolved.

  2. Add 2μl of 10,000x Nucleic Acid dye.

  3. Mix gently and pour the agarose solution into the rubber board and insert the comb in place. The thickness of the gel is generally 3-5 mm.

  4. Cool at room temperature for 30-60 minutes for subsequent electrophoresis.


For Research or Educational Use Only.

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