FireGene EIA Basic Kit

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Product Overview

The FireGene EIA Basic Kit is a basic isothermal amplification kit with DNA or cDNA as the template. It can be used for nucleic acid electrophoresis detection and has the advantages of high amplification yield, strong specificity and good stability. Combined with specific probes designed for the target gene, using enzymes such as EXO III or Nfo for specific recognition and hydrolysis of the probe, the target gene can be accurately quantified and detected, with good repeatability and high reliability. The minimum detection limit of this kit is 10~100 copies (according to different primer screening optimization procedures and detection methods).


  • Nucleic acid electrophoresis detection


Component Name Amount Storage (°C)
EIA Basic Enzyme Mix 530 μl -20
EIA Basic Reaction Buffer 1 ml -20
Activator 200 μl -20
Forward primer (F) 24 μl -20
Reverse primer (R) 24 μl -20
Positive control 20 μl -20
6 x DNA Loading Buffer 500 μl -20


For Research or Educational Use Only.

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