FireGene Lysate2Ct Kit

FireGeneSKU: FG-0415

- No RNA isolation steps to avoid sample loss and PCR inhibition

- Lyse samples in a tube or directly in culture plates

- Supports both TaqMan and SYBE Green gene quantification

- Designed for consistent accuracy, reproducibility, and sensitivity with 10–500,000 cells

- High-throughput compatible

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Product Overview


The FireGene Lysate2Ct Kit provides a greatly simplified workflow - from cultured cell lysates directly to reverse transcription (RT) and real-time PCR, without RNA isolation. Cell lysates can be prepared in under 10 minutes at room temperature with a few simple steps of pipetting, and the process is compatible with high-throughput automated liquid handling workstations. Each lysis accommodates 10-5x105 cells, and the resulting lysates can be added to reverse transcription, and subsequently real-time PCR analysis. The performance characteristics, i.e. sensitivity and specificity, is comparable to that of the purified RNA approach.


Product Type RNA Extraction
Applications Reverse transcription (RT), real-time PCR, gene expression, DNA quantitation, ChiP, etc.
Compatible Sample Types Cells
Target Lysate, ready for real-time PCR
Method Primer-Probe
Prep Time 10 minutes
Amount of Starting Material 10 - 5x105 cells
Supported Instruments Compatible with high-throughput automated liquid handling workstations
Number of Reactions 96

-20°C for all components except for the nuclease-free water

Room temperature for Nuclease-free Water

Note: After the 2xTaqMan Mix is thawed for the first time, it can be stable for up to 6 months when stored at 4°C.

Shelf-life 12 months


- Lysis Buffer 5.5 mL
- Stop Solution 660 μL
- RT Enzyme Mix 500 μL
- 10×RT Buffer 500 μL
- Oligo(dT)20 Primer 250 μL
- Random Primers 250 μL
- 2×TaqMan Mix 1.4 mL
- Nuclease-free Water 5 mL

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