FireGene Microbial DNA Extraction Kit

FireGeneSKU: FG-0510

- Applicable to difficult-to-lyse microbial samples, such as Gram-positive bacteria, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, yeast, fungi, spores, etc.

- The resulting DNA has high molecular weight, high integrity, and no small fragments with shearing

- The crushing efficiency is above 90%, which effectively avoids false negative results.

- High yield, no polymer DNA contamination

- The extraction process is compatible with different types of wall-breaking enzymes

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Product Overview


This kit utilized FireGene's original magnetic bead purification technology and a unique buffer system, which combines physical-mechanical and enzymatic digestion methods to fully lyse bacterial cell walls, especially for Gram-positive bacteria and other difficult-to-lyse bacteria. A large amount of nucleic acid is released, which doubles the yield of nucleic acid extraction, effectively avoids false negative results caused by insufficient wall breaking, and is suitable for extracting total DNA from various microorganisms. The extraction process does not involve chloroform, phenol and other reagents. The extracted genomic DNA has large fragments, high purity, stable and reliable quality, and can be used for downstream experiments such as enzyme digestion, library construction, cloning, PCR, quantitative PCR, chip detection, and high-throughput sequencing. The kit can also be efficiently used with automated liquid workstations and magnetic bar method magnetic bead automatic extraction systems for fast, high-throughput extraction.


Product Type Nucleic Acid Extraction
Applications Enzyme digestion, library construction, cloning, PCR, quantitative PCR, chip detection, and high-throughput sequencing
Compatible Sample Types Microbial samples
Target DNA
Method Bacterial wall breaking - digestion and lysis - magnetic beads binding nucleic acid - washing to remove impurities - elution to obtain high quality nucleic acid
Prep Time
Amount of Starting Material
Supported Instruments Compatible with most automated nucleic acid extraction instruments and pipetting workstations
Number of Reactions 48

-20°C for Proteinase K

2~8°C for Magnetic Bead Suspensions

Room temperature for all other components

Shelf-life 12 months


- Magnetic Bead Suspensions 2 mL
- Lysis Buffer 1 (LB1) 20 mL
- Lysis Buffer 2 (LB2) 40 mL
- Wash Buffer 1 (WB) 32 mL
- T Buffer 2 (TB) 10 mL
- P Buffer 2 (PB) 10 mL
- Elution Buffer (EB) 5.5 mL
- Proteinase K 3 mL
- Grinding Beads 20g

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