FireGene Rapid Blocking Buffer (TBS-T) Powder (100 mL of 1x)

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Product Overview

FireGene Rapid Blocking Buffer (TBS-T) Powder (100 mL of 1x) mainly consists of fish gelatin protein in off-white to light yellow color. Each pouch can be diluted to 100 mL 1x blocking buffer, in which the concentration of protein 5%. This product is used in the antibody blocking step of Western Blot and ELISA, and it is provided in TBS-T buffer version (contains Tween 20).

The fish gelatin protein used in Rapid Blocking Buffer (TBS-T) is compatible with most proteins, providing excellent reaction performance and compatibility, and the blocking step can be completed within 15 minutes. The presence of the detergent Tween 20 also improves blocking efficiency in many Western Blot assay reactions. This product provides a convenient way to make blocking buffer and eliminates the need to weigh and mix individual components.


  • Used in the antibody blocking step of Western Blot or ELISA.


Component Name Amount Storage (°C)
Rapid Blocking Buffer (TBS-T) Powder (100 mL of 1x) 10 pouches Room temp


A. Prepare the working buffer:

  1. Measure about 50 ml of distilled water into the beaker and place a magnetic stir bar in the beaker.
  2. Place the beaker on a magnetic stirrer, slowly add the entire contents of 1 bag of Rapid Blocking Buffer powder, and stir the solution until completely dissolved.
  3. Add distilled water to the solution until the total volume is 100 mL. The final solution is 1x working buffer.

B. Blocking step:

  1. Place the membrane into the incubator box, add 10-20 mL 1x working buffer and incubate in the shaker incubator at room temperature for about 10 minutes.
  2. The blocked membrane can be used for the subsequent experiments.

Note: The blocking effect of this product for 10 min is significantly better than that of conventional BSA blocking for 1 h. For antibodies with high background, try to extend the blocking time to 30-60 min.


For Research or Educational Use Only.

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