FireGene RT mix for qPCR (+gDNA wiper)

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Product Overview

The FireGene RT mix for qPCR (gDNA wiper) is suitable for two-step qRT-PCR detection. It can react quickly by simply adding template RNA and water. The included gDNA wiper Mix can completely remove the residual genomic DNA contamination and ensure more reliable subsequent quantification results. The T Mix contains all the components required for the reverse transcription reaction, and stops the gDNA wiper function at the same time to ensure the completeness of cDNA. This product is specifically optimized for qPCR. The ratio-optimized Random primers/Oligo dT primer mix enables cDNA synthesis to start from each region of the RNA transcript with the same reverse transcription efficiency, ensuring the reliability and repeatability of qPCR results. The reverse transcription product is compatible with SYBR® Green and probe-based qPCR. According to the purpose of the experiment, the corresponding reagents can be selected for high-performance gene expression analysis.


  • First-strand cDNA synthesis
  • cDNA probe preparation
  • RT-PCR
  • Synthesis of cDNA libraries with a high proportion of full-length cDNAs


Component Name Amount Storage (°C)
RNase free ddH2O 1 ml x 2 -20
5 x RT Mix*1 400 μl -20
Control No RT Mix*2 40 μl -20
4 x gDNA wiper Mix 400 μl -20

*1. Contains FireGene Reverse Transcriptase, dNTP, RNasin, Random primers/Oligo dT primer mix.

*2. The ingredients are the same as 5 x RT Mix, except that FireGene Reverse Transcriptase is not included.


For Research or Educational Use Only.

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