FireGene Tissue RNA Extraction Kit

FireGeneSKU: FG-0412

- High RNA purity (OD260/280 1.8~2.0)

- No DNA contamination (treat with DNase)

- Supports wide range of tissue samples

- Consistent reproducibility with minimum variance

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Product Overview


This kit provides a simple and fast solution for the extraction of total RNA from tissue cells. The kit is based on superparamagnetic magnetic particle purification technology, which does not require the use of toxic phenol or chloroform for extraction, nor does it require time-consuming alcohol precipitation. The extraction process is simple and time-consuming. The resulting RNA can be directly used in downstream experiments such as RT-PCR, qPCR, next-generation sequencing, viral RNA detection, and high-throughput sequencing. The kit can also be efficiently used with the liquid workstation and the magnetic bar method magnetic bead automatic extraction system for fast and large sample extraction.


Product Type Nucleic Acid Extraction
Applications RT-PCR, qPCR, next-generation sequencing, viral RNA detection, and high-throughput sequencing, etc.
Compatible Sample Types Fresh tissue, cryopreserved tissue, tissues preserved with fluids such as RNAlater
Target RNA
Method Magnetic beads
Prep Time
Amount of Starting Material
Supported Instruments Compatible with most automated nucleic acid extraction instruments and pipetting workstations
Number of Reactions 96

-20°C for Proteinase K, DNase â…  and DNase Dilution Solution

2~8°C for Magnetic Bead Suspensions

Room temperature for all other components

Shelf-life 12 months


- Magnetic Bead Suspensions 2 mL
- Lysis Buffer (LB) 40 mL
- Wash Buffer 1 (WB1) 60 mL
- Wash Buffer 2 (WB2) 13 mL
- Eluant (RFW) 5 mL
- Proteinase K 100 mL
- DNase Ⅰ 1 mL
- DNase Dilution Solution 1.5 mL

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