PBS Powder, Phosphate Buffered Saline, 1X Powder (pH 7.4) (1L)

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- Premeasured pouches make 1 liter of 1X buffer solution

- Nuclease and protease free

- No pH adjustment necessary

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Product Overview

PBS is white to off-white instant powder, each bag of PBS instant granules can be prepared with 1x PBS buffer, which is easy to operate and use. The main components of PBS are sodium chloride, potassium chloride, and phosphate. The 1x PBS buffer contains sodium chloride at a concentration of 137 mM, potassium chloride at a concentration of 2.7 mM, and phosphate at a concentration of 10 mM.

PBS is a buffer widely used in biology and can be used in immunoassay experiments, microbiology experiments, protein biochemical experiments, etc. The PBS buffer prepared with PBS instant powder can be used for cell culture, washing and other related experiments after being treated with a 0.22 μm sterile filter.

pH 7.4, for preparing 1 L solutions

Note: All relevant raw materials are AR/GR grade.


  • PBS is a standard buffer used in many biochemical applications to maintain pH
  • Use in the washing solutions during immunofluorescence procedure.
  • Use for the suspension of bacterial cells.
  • Use during the fixation and immunostaining procedures.


Component Name Amount Storage (°C)
PBS 100 x 1 L Room temp


For Research or Educational Use Only.

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